Ussu N’djai & The New Balansa!

>>> Ussu N’djai & the New Balansa, the Amsterdam  based group of Ussumane “Balansa ” N’djai brings an exciting mix of different West-African music styles ( M’balax, Gumbe, Afro- Mandingo, Afro- Carribean, Salsa, Djambadong, and Funk.) Ussu N’djai (Balansa ) composed the songs with texts in different West- African languages such as Criol, Wolof, Fula, French, Mandingo, English and Potugese.

Ussumane “Balansa ” N’djai  was born in Guine Bissau ( Bafata ), and grew up partly in Senegal. He move to The Gambia in 1996 where he worked for five years as entertainment musician in the Kairaba Hotel . He started his musical career by playing in the group Rara- Gi Band of Pape Modou Diagne, then he formed his own group called The Balansa Vibrations. In Gambia, Kairaba Hotel he shared the stage with artists like Youssou N’dour, Lucky Dube, Baba Maal, and Omar Pene. Becausse of the popularity of his song “Balansa”, Ussumane became known as “Balansa.”

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